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  • "Brilliant way to make money instead of leaving dresses sitting in your wardrobe!" - Maeve

  • "Highly recommend Ladies Dress Rentals for anyone looking for a debs dress this year. Danielle is lovely and the dresses are very reasonable" - Katie
  • "It's never easy to find something appropriate for an event that's also stylish and comfortable- especially if you are on a budget. Ladies Dress rentals really took the sting out of the whole process for me. With their selection of dresses to browse online I could suss out which ones would suit my shape and try them all on in a comfortable environment" - Kate
  • "Quality is important when renting evening dresses. The last thing you want is to stand out for all the wrong reasons. At Ladies Dress Rentals, because every dress is loved by it's owner, their selection is kept in perfect condition so that every time you rent a dress - it's like the very first wear!" - Liz
  • "Ladies Dress Rentals is a great way to make money and find some use for all my occasion wear. I had loads of dresses just sitting in my wardrobe so it's great to be able to give them to Danielle and have all the hassle of renting/selling them myself taken out of it. On the other side of it, it's my first stop if I have an event or a ball to go to; the choice of dresses, colours, styles, and sizes means I always find something amazing to wear and most importantly at a very affordable price!" - Deirdre